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Partnerships are a valuable way to collaborate and work with community organizations, educational institutions and other like-minded groups. Partnerships include stable leadership, vision, and the necessary drive to build inclusive networks to resolve issues affecting our communities – together.


In an effort to build long-lasting partnerships, our goal is to cultivate an understanding of our partner’s work by understanding their culture, appreciating their values, working with their organizational framework, and elevating their voice and vision.


Through shared objectives, the Dreamer Fund hopes to work with organizations in order to advance each other’s missions in an organic and supportive way. This entails building capacity together as partners in an underserved and underrepresented community, but also evolving jointly and individually, so as to adjust as we learn about the intricacies of issues affecting our community while understanding different approaches.


We are committed to working towards the good of the community that we serve under the Rebellious Lawyering model. As our partner, we would work with your team collectively to bridge gaps in the services that are needed by undocumented and immigrant communities and by enhancing our programmatic impacts. Immigrants are not homogenous. As such, it is our intent to be deliberate and intentional about our services and community work. 


Our vision is to provide students, staff, faculty, organizers, families, community members and allies with the necessary tools and resources that will assist them in building platforms of change for themselves. By accepting to be our partner, we commit to our mutual support and community love for one another and we honor our time together. 

We look forward to having you as our partner. If our visions do not align at this time, don’t worry. Our door is always open for future collaborations.

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