In the spirit of bringing together the narratives of our undocumented community and our immigrant brothers and sisters, we are proud to announce our second annual signature event, #UndocuFest 2019. Our fundraising event will take place this upcoming Spring in San Francisco, California on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at El Rio in the Mission District of San Francisco from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.


Our goal is to bring together artists, musicians, dancers, poets, activists, community organizations, educational institutions, members of all communities, families, friends, allies and other types of performers who are open and willing to celebrate the strength of the undocumented & immigrant community in solidarity.


This event is a first of its kind and our inaugural event in February 2018 proved how much solidarity and community support we received, with over 800 people in attendance. We are so excited to bring back #UndocuFest this year, but more than that, we are beyond humbled to be able to bring about much needed dialogue surrounding various topics affecting our immigrant communities. It is our goal to create a safe space in which we can honor the resilience of the our immigrant, undocumented, refugee and asylee communities. 


The Dreamer Fund uses art, folklore, photography, storytelling, music, community engagement, positive voices and many other forms of expression to uplift our movement, which is critical in this political climate.

If you, your organization, or anyone that you know would like to take part in #UndocuFest in some way, shape, or form, please let us know. We are very excited to be working with individuals, groups and communities in the Bay Area and Southern California. 

We are currently looking for performers, artwork, monetary donations, sponsorships and volunteers. There is always a way to participate and support our movement, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us and tell us about your ideas on how to collaborate.  

We are looking to finalize our list of sponsors, volunteers and performers by February 1, 2019. Until then, we are accepting art and performance sign-ups, as well as sponsors, donors and volunteers for the event. You can sign-up by clicking on the link below. 


If joining us in March is not the right time for you, no worries! We would be happy if you shared our event with others that may be interested in participating or joining #UndocuFest. Of course, any and all are welcome.

Deadline to Participate is February 20, 2019

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Diana Gameros

Among the Bay Area’s bustling music scene is singer-guitarist- social activist Diana Gameros, an artist who’s quickly caught the attention of national media as well as acclaimed musicians (i.e. La Santa Cecilia, Natalia Lafourcade, Bebel Gilberto, Taylor Mac, San Francisco Symphony) who’ve been drawn to her singular music and intrigued by her life story. From the age of 13, Gameros has resided in the United States, and for much of that time, she was an undocumented immigrant. Now with legal status, Gameros writes a love letter to her homeland with 13 standout renditions of classic Mexican songs on her latest album, Arrullo, in anticipation of soon returning to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Gameros independently released her sophomore album, Arrullo, on November 10, 2017.

Having spent her teenage years in Michigan and adult life in San Francisco, Gameros has longed to visit the land where she was raised. 15 years have passed since she last travelled to Ciudad Juárez. Heartbroken while her city went through devastatingly tough times with militarized policing of streets and drug cartel conflicts, her family has experienced firsthand violence leaving Gameros feeling trapped with no way to help. With a sense of loss and being absent from many family milestone moments, she channels her fears, guilt and powerlessness into a beautiful tribute reminiscent of her childhood in Mexico.

Arrullo takes the listener back to the times when Gameros’ big Mexican family would gather at her grandparents’ home -- a pink house surrounded by pecan trees, rose shrubs and cacti -- located in a small farm town called Torreoncitos, eight hours south of Ciudad Juárez (the album cover of Arrullo depicts a collage of cacti, birds, her grandmother, and pictures of Mexico all in a pinkish hue). The sound of her grandmother and mother’s voice (the latter of which sings on Arrullo); the strumming of guitars; kids playing; and life on the farm, all comprise the magical spirit of family life in Mexico for Gameros. She transcends this energy into an intriguing song selection of both famous and obscure Mexican covers featured on Arrullo.

Arrullo came to life through the Women's Audio Mission's Local Sirens & Preserving Culture projects, made possible by the generous support of The California Arts Council and The Zellerbach Family Foundation. Gameros performs with her mother Altagracia Estupiñan(vocals) and grandmother Leonarda Rentería (vocals), as well as a talented cast of Bay Area musicians including Patrick Wolff (clarinet, tenor saxophone), Thomas Edler (bass), Helen Newby (cello), Danny Cao (trumpet), Andrew Maguire (vibraphone), and Magik*Magik String Quartet featuring Liana Berube (violin), Philip Brezina (violin), Marcel Gemperli (viola), and Michelle Kwon (cello) directed by Minna Choi.

In 2013 Gameros released her first official album “Eterno Retorno”, a soulful retrospective of her journey as a musician and immigrant. The songs on Gameros' album include "SB1070", which she wrote in response to the anti-immigration Senate Bill passed in Arizona in April 2010, and "Libre Y Serena", the story of an immigrant woman who decides to return to her homeland. In October of 2014 she received the Emerging Leader Award from the Chicana/Latina Foundation for her work in music and her support to social justice movements. 


Diana’s songs and story have been featured on Billboard, Mother Jones, NPR’s All Songs Considered, NPR’s Alt. Latino Podcast, Public Radio International – The World and PBS Newshour.

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Xrista Radd

Maria Luisa Valencia


LOUDA y Los Bad Hombres

Bill Ong Hing

Belinda Arriaga

Joaquin "Murrieta" Jimenez

Armando Ibañez

Flor (Flower in Spanish)



Monica Bocanegra



Alex Sodari

susana praver-perez

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