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The Dreamer Fund is a non-profit organization in San Francisco, California, which seeks to secure donations and funding for our law school undocumented student community. DREAMers and our undocumented brothers and sisters face extreme financial challenges when attending graduate-level education. We assist undocumented students from all over the world to include Mexico, Central America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America, who are passionate about the law, fighting for justice, educating their communities, engaging in social and political dialogue and change, and more importantly, contributing to their communities by creating social capital.

In order to help undocumented law students remain enrolled in law school and assist with tuition, books, and other emergency expenses like food, rent and medical bills, we ask that you help us by donating to the Dreamer Fund. We have two separate scholarships that you can donate to: 1) the Bill Ong Hing Undocumented Scholarship and 2) the Dreamer Fund Emergency Scholarship. Please donate to the scholarship that resonates with you by clicking on the buttons below to make a monetary contribution to our charitable fund. 


If you are unable to donate monetarily, you can still help! See "Other Ways to Help" below to see what else can be doneWe are grateful for your generous contributions and we honor your commitment to support our mission. Thank you!


There are many other ways to help out if you cannot do so monetarily. Below is a list from our DREAMers of ways that you can help. Contact us if you see a way that you can help from the list below. If you don't see something that you can help with on this list, but you have ideas, please feel free to send us an emailso that we can brainstorm together. 

Law School Textbooks - Here's a list of classes that DREAMers are taking. If you have any of the books for the classes listed and you are willing to lend them out for the semester, let us know. 


  • Constitutional Law​

  • Human Rights Law

  • Remedies

  • Property

  • Wills and Trusts 

  • Employment Law

  • Torts 

  • Contracts

  • Criminal Law

  • Criminal Procedure

  • Corporations

  • Community Property

  • Immigration Law

  • Race & Gender Law


You may also donate any law books that are not on this list and we will start a book bank for future students. 


Furniture - If you have extra furniture that you wouldn't mind parting with, we will take it. Some students rent a room in the city and can use lamps, small desks, chairs, small bookcases, small tables, bed frames, etc. 

School Supplies - If would like to donate supplies, here is an example of what is needed: college-ruled paper, notebooks, calendar books or organizers, pens, highlighters, dividers, note cards, binders, etc. 


Grocery Gift Cards - Another way to help is to donate any grocery gift cards that have a minimum balance of $5 on the card. These gift cards will help DREAMers purchase food items and other necessities. 

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