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Creative Director (1 position available) (Time Commitment – 15-20 hrs a week)  - The Creative Director is responsible for developing a creative plan with the Co-Directors for branding, events, literature, community programs & engagement, and network development. The Creative Director will oversee the “Artist in Residence” program, along with the Co-Directors and will also develop at least 2 forms of community engagement within the community for the Fall and for the Spring as well. (Ex: art with at-risk youth, or mentorship with young immigrant artists). In addition, the CD will be responsible for creating content for our website and creative ways to tell our stories online using multi-media concepts. Lastly, the CD will curate the silent art auctions at #UndocuFest and will be responsible for artists submissions, communication, and event management.


Social Media Coordinator (1 position available) (Time Commitment – 15-20 hrs a week) – The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for developing strategies to increase our fan base on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by outlining a campaign calendar and conceptualizing tactics to increase audience participation. This person is also the voice of those public sites, which means that they actively engage with followers in a dialogue. Our goal is to transform visitors into advocates for our brand and vision, as well as to increase our online presence. Remaining topical and active is paramount and the SMC would expect to post at least once a day on each media outlet at a minimum with posts that coincide with our mission. The SMC should also be actively promoting events, scholarships, DREAMer and Immigrant stories, narratives, news that affects the issues that the Dreamer Fund aligns with, as well as finding ways to creatively engage on social media. This includes learning how to use RSS feeds and Hootsuite, if needed. The social media coordinator will collaborate with all divisions, especially the events director, communications director and the creative director, to generate relevant content and interactive media experiences through the social sites. Direct supervision and responsibility will be to the Communications Director and the Co-Directors.


Special Projects Team (2-3 positions available) (Time Commitment – 15 hrs a week during the 3 weeks leading up to the event; to include volunteering at the actual event) – The Special Projects Team is a team comprised of 2-3 people who are assembled for our Fall and Spring Signature Events: Danza for Resilience (Fall) and #UndocuFest (Spring). You will be assigned under the Events Director and the Events Coordinator to assist them with event prep, to include promotion, flyering, news sites submissions, donors & donations, etc. You may also be assembled for other events, but we will confirm your participation beforehand. This is a seasonal position, which means that you will not be required to attend the Dreamer Fund retreats, board meetings, or Board of Directors meetings.


Finance Coordinator (1 position available) (Time Commitment – 15-20 hrs a week)  - Direct questions to Monica Valencia and Gabriela Garcia, our Co-Directors.


Artist in Residence (2 positions available) (Time Commitment –  15-20 hrs a week) - This is a one year position, with eligibility for an additional year extension. The AIR is selected by the Executive Board to join our team as an artist to help us engage and celebrate the immigrant and undocumented community through the arts. The AIR’s artistic vision must align with that of our mission and vision as well, so that a meaningful and collaborative relationship is formed. The AIR will work under the Creative Director and assist us in developing ideas on how to engage the community and fundraise using your skills and talents. The AIR will also have the opportunity to develop their artistic niche and promote their work at all Dreamer Fund events, to include our private donors and our Board of Directors. Proceeds from these events belong to the AIR. The AIR will also assist the Creative Director in the mentorship/community programming involving the youth and younger artists.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email your resume and cover letter to These positions will remain open until filled. Also, please be aware that these are volunteer positions. As such, there is no fiscal compensation. 

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