In the spirit of bringing together the narratives of our undocumented community and our immigrant brothers and sisters, we have created a fundraising event that will debut this upcoming Spring in San Francisco, California. The event is called, #UndocuFest. It will take place on Saturday, February 10, 2018 at El Rio in the Mission District of San Francisco from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm.


Our goal is to bring together artists, musicians, dancers, poets, activists, community organizations, educational institutions, members of all communities, families, friends, allies and other types of performers who are open and willing to celebrate the strength of the undocumented & immigrant community in solidarity.


This event is a first of its kind and we are very excited about the community support we have received thus far. #UndocuFest will bring about much needed dialogue surrounding various topics affecting immigrant communities, but more than that, it will create a space in which we can honor the resilience of the DREAMer, undocumented, and immigrant communities.


We will use art, photography, storytelling, music, community engagement, positive voices and many other forms of expression to uplift our movement, which is critical in this political climate.

If you, your organization, or anyone that you know would like to take part in #UndocuFest in some way, shape, or form, please let us know. We are very excited to be working with individuals, groups and communities in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, California. 

We are currently looking for performers, artwork, monetary donations, sponsorships and volunteers. There is always a way to participate and support our movement, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us and tell us about your ideas on collaboration. 

We are looking to finalize our list of sponsors, volunteers and performers by January 1, 2018. Until then, we are accepting art and performance sign-ups, as well as sponsors, donors and volunteers for the event.


If joining us in February might not be the right time for you, no worries! We would be happy if you shared our event with others that may be interested in joining #UndocuFest. Of course, any and all are welcome.

To participate in #UndocuFest, click on the button below or email us by visiting our CONTACT page. 


Deadline to Participate is January 19, 2018

Sponsors & Donors

Be A Sponsor

Interested in sponsoring #UndocuFest? Awesome! Sponsorship only requires that you support our cause and our community event publicly. A sponsorship does not require any financial obligation, but you or your organization is welcome to provide support through the provision of products, services, and/or promotion of #UndocuFest through your social media channels. As a sponsor, you will be listed on our website and event materials. You will also be shouted out on our media outlets and at the event itself. If you or a member of your organization is interested in speaking at the event, please let us know in advance. 

Be A Donor

Interested in donating to #UndocuFest? Perfect! Donors are financial supporters of our cause and our community event. A donor is an individual or organization that would like to provide financial support for the development & production of #UndocuFest. There are no minimum or maximum amounts of donations required, but we are happy to speak to you further about what a donor package entails. As a donor, you may opt to be listed on our website and event materials or remain a "silent donor." Speaking at #UndocuFest is also an option. You and the members of your organization will have priority access to our silent auction one hour before showtime. 

#UndocuFest - Event Flyer & Press Kit

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Digital - Press Kit

Hard Copy - Press Kit

#UndocuFest Trailer

master of ceremonies

Rebeca Nitti

Rebeca is passionate about building community and learning about people's unique experiences. She is a Talks at Google host, and Diversity Core Impact Award recipient. Rebeca encourages and facilitates conversations that explore the intersections of race, gender, and sexual orientation.

DJ Sets

Chulita Vinyl Club

Dj Tyla Wave

B-Side Brujas

Artist Line-Up

Yosimar Reyes

Jun Stinson

Xrista Radd

Féi Hernandez



Lara Coley

Chingona Movement


Maria Luisa Valencia

Neval Pektas

Grecia Huesca Dominguez

Jacqueline Brown Scott

Freddy Merlos

Sadie Harmon

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Event Program

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